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Feeling Determined? Not Sure What To Do? | Successful Mindsets

We've all been there. It's the early hours of the morning, or late into the evening and you feel an odd sense of determination to succeed. You try a Google search on how to grow a business from scratch in the hopes that even without a business degree you can start your own. Maybe you're just one good idea away from a one hit wonder and its just over that hill you just can't seem to climb.

As you fall deeper and deeper into your search you may come across these "get rich quick" schemes through a facebook or instagram ad, you might find yourself signing up for webinars and listening to hours upon hours of people talk about how this one thing they did completely turned their life around. What once sounded like pure sales guff is now starting to sound tasteful and inspiring.

You are looking for a way to improve your life quickly but the sad truth of success is it is incredibly rare to discover it quickly. Success, as far as I know it, takes hard work and determination, otherwise it wouldn't feel like such an achievement when you reach it.

So you have this unspent energy just bubbling inside you, waiting to explode but you have no idea how to direct it. Welcome to the club. It's a highly frustrating feeling but strangely enjoyable to feel this buzz of electricity, this motivation to do... something.

For myself its writing. Writing with a purpose: to talk to those in a similar boat in the hopes that we can each boost each other up and succeed together through these motivational and inspirational posts.

So what makes you happy? Or rather, what makes you feel an unparalleled amount of satisfaction? What leaves you feeling achieved?

If you don't know yet then that is absolutely fine. When I first started writing, it was for myself, a personal journal which allowed me to process my life, and deal with the vast amounts of upset I was feeling at the time. As I continued to write and developed my skillset, I began to see outside changes happen. I felt different. I had the ability to assess what was happening to myself and those around me, and I was able to put a plan into place and change for the better.

I mean, you don't have to go quite to the same extreme as moving cities twice in a year like I did, small changes can still have the desired effect.

I now feel a sense of achievement in my life and am able to thank my writing for pushing me in the right direction.

If you're not feeling a sense of achievement right now then it's OK, you have time. It is simply about opening yourself up to new and exciting experiences and playing to your strengths.

Go to that talk, see friends and family, meet new people and absorb as much as you can. When we open the door we can let so much in, including opportunity.

I am going to be attending the Foundry's free event "Thinking Like a Mentor" on Thursday 20th October if any of you would like to meet. I would love to hear about how you have felt successful and achieved in your life.

Hopefully see you there!


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