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Is Routine The Death Of Creativity? | Healthy, Wealthy & Successful Lifestyles

I believe that routine can be the death of creativity. The very nature of routine is to repeat the same activities day in day out. Creativity is inspired by excitement and adventure which is something routine often lacks. Now I'm not saying that our lives are boring with routine. Often routines help us develop our creative skillsets. Practicing guitar daily will definitely get you somewhere. Putting pen to paper, writing often will also help improve your craft. However much we practice, creativity lies in the sparks we incite, the excitement which bubbles beneath the surface, waiting for opportunity to arise and a lack in creative spark can often lead to creative blocks. It seems that in life, to truly feel creative, there needs to be a balance between routine and spontaneous adventure. We need spontaneity to inspire us and routine to master our craft. We need to feel excited and inspired to go through the mundane of daily or frequent practice. In the rest of our lives this applies too. It's why we have a culture, at least in the UK, of partying hard at the weekend, be it down the pub with friends, cheese and wine with a collective, or other group activities. Weekends have this electric energy which almost recharge us for the week. However exciting weekends are, we couldn't sustain a weekend lifestyle continously, because then, even that would start to become a routine. In order to get the best out of life we need balance. I've said it before, and no doubt I'll say it again, balance is key to living a happy and healthy life. If we balance the excitement and the adventure with the mundane and necessary, we are sure to progress in the things we put our minds to. What are your thoughts? Until next time.


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