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We Are All Made Of Stardust And Are Capable Of Anything

I have found myself of late thinking incessantly about life and what it means to live. What should we spend our time and energies on? How should we optimise our living experience so that when we reach the later years of our existence we feel satisfied enough to let go without regrets? It goes without saying that in order to do everything life has to offer, we'd have to live a thousand lifetimes. I think that's why reincarnation is such a popular religious belief, and in some respects, and the fact we are all constructed from star dust, we do live over and over again, recycled in our universe. However, our understanding of how our conscious thoughts progress past our small lives is limited and I believe its that fear of the afterlife which scares us into trying to squeeze as much as we can out of life as possible. With that said, life is there to be lived. It is yours to do with what you want. Be it a sensationalist, travel the world kind of experience, or a stay at home, build your business empire kind of life, anywhichway you decide to live your life, I have one request of you: Make it memorable. Because memories full of laughter and adventures, no matter how big or small, will offer that lifelong satisfaction we all dream to have when we reach the end. Until next time.


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