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Learning To Grow From Teachable Moments - Life & Business

There are points in our lives which offer teachable moments, specifically aimed at testing our boundaries and exploring our personalities. They come at new and exciting stages of our lives and surprise us when we least expect them, if we are open to exploring them.

My teachable moment this week made me realise that I had two options, I could take the approach younger me would have taken, or I could explore a new, more mature option. With outside influences and a small bubble of anger at this person who was so clearly taking advantage of my client, I decidedly took the same route I had always taken: the younger route.

I disappointed myself in that there was a better option but for whatever reason I chose the road which made me feel bitter and cantankerous which has stuck with me since.

I am not a perfect person, nor do I pretend to be, however when we make mistakes it's important to try to rectify them with apologies and in my case, learn from them for the future.

In my case, I had the opportunity to take on an educational role in the business which was unusual as until now I had felt a lot like my knowledge was not quite there to do so. However, life loves to throw us a good curveball and it's up to us to either catch it or move out of the way.

I dropped the ball this week but I'm hoping to get back out there and throw my own curveball to the right people without putting others in the crosshairs. Because we don't get on in life or in business by climbing over people to get what we want, we should be working with them to reach our ultimate goals.

The top would be very lonely otherwise.

Until next time, lovely reader.


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