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Awareness & Business: What To Do When There's A Block In The Road

Recently, I've been feeling as if there is a block in the road. Where conversations about deep topics had once come easily, have been difficult, and talking in general has lost its pizzazz. Its led me to take on a much more introverted lifestyle whereas I'm usually quite extroverted and for lack of a better word: bubbly. If you've ever felt this way, you know it's hard to pull yourself out and get back to your old self, you find its a cyclical loop of events, where you find yourself causing these seemingly indefinite issues which then cause other issues, which cause other issues, and so on and so forth. It's what pumps the breaks on our work life, our businesses, which mull along without progress, our blockage well and truly stopping us in our tracks. So how do we pull ourselves out of this hole we feel we've slipped into? When I begin to notice I've lost the love for the things around me, my hobbies, my business, being social, that's when I take my first step: I notice what I am feeling in that moment. It can take days to really determine all the aspects where you aren't feeling quite yourself, but when we listen to our bodies, we can then look at adjusting our perspective and making small changes to make us feel more like our old selves. For me, I noticed that I had slipped out of good habits, my morning routines: yoga, meditation, or exercise, a morning coffee to prime my brain for the day, and a small bit of writing, no matter how I felt.

So I got right back into those habits. I woke up, brewed a morning coffee while I listened to Fern Cottons podcast, Happy Place, while I stretched into a cobra.

And you know what? I began to feel more awake and motivated than I had done in the whole week before. There is definitely something to be said about your morning routine which will set you up for the rest of the day. It's in that morning, during those precious minutes of self reflection, which give us life again, which will, in turn return our enthusiasm for the things we love. If we can create healthy habits, we can entice the productivity gremlin out to play, and in turn we can see a growth in our happiness and enjoyment which leads to a better and more productive work life balance. Until next time. - The RoamBlogger is a website design company based in Eastbourne, East Sussex. The RoamBlogger owner, Kirsty Allen, is a motivational writer who often talks about improving mental health and creating work life balance to encourage her readers to grow their very own healthy business empire.


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