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Grow Your Business: The Importance Of Reviews

Did you know that in a recent survey 90% of people said they were influenced by reviews and that 88% of people trusted Trustpilot reviews almost as much as a verbal recommendation from a friend? Having reviews on a website also meant a possibility of a staggering 17% increase to conversions. Furthermore, having plenty of fresh content, such as testimonials on your website, encourages better online visibility, as well as better SEO for increased Google rankings and click through rate. With that being said, reviews should be one of the biggest marketing tools at our disposal and therefore help with your business growth and development. So if you're not already utilising this, why not? Gathering reviews can be the tricky part.

We see people online with hundreds of thousands of customer feedback reviews which can feel a long way off but it's not unachievable for your own business. By following a few simple steps we can work together to create a convertible brand. We at the RoamBlogger, can help you to implement automatic invitations to be sent out with each online order which, once set up, will send customers a small prompt to add feedback for your business. This, teamed with website widgets to clearly display what people have been saying about your business, can assist in those conversion goals.

Ensuring you pick the right platform for your business is also vital. If you are in the hospitality sector you may find TripAdvisor a better fit than Trustpilot, or simply Google reviews for an all in one solution across Google My Business and your website. If your business is in the beauty sector, you may find Facebook reviews more impactful because that is where your customers find you the most. Since lockdown is seemingly drawing to a close and more and more businesses are returning to work, it will become increasingly difficult for your business to stand out in a crowd. With clever marketing and review building, you should be able to show off your business to the right people who are likely to convert into sales. We love to help companies grow online, so please contact us today on 07857358767 or for information on how we can help you.


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