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Is Job Hopping Good For Your Career?

I recently read an article on LinkedIn about chopping and changing our jobs and the feedback in the comments were insane. However, personally, job hopping feels like a luxury in this day and age but sometimes it's a necessity to take a step forward in our careers. I'm lucky enough to have found somewhere I feel happy, with the chance to progress in the future but I can see why others would want to change companies/roles. Sometimes, especially in our early twenties, we find ourselves in jobs which aren't exactly as advertised, or exactly as advertised but we've quickly outgrown the role. It's these jobs which gives us the experience to grow. However, it can also be limiting. In the ecommerce industry, once a company has decided on a software to use to manage their systems, its usually the one system they stick with for a while. While this gives us the opportunity to fully learn one software, it doesn't give us the chance to expand our horizons beyond that. It's the age old saying, "Jack of all trades, master of none but often times better than a master of one". Spreading our proverbial net wide and expanding our knowledge of the world is going to offer us the best career experience. It's like anything, eventually our exploration of the world will slow and we want to settle with a company/routine which is going to be the right fit for us. It's why you'll see a lot of older people settled in jobs for longer.

However, no matter our age, we cannot afford to settle for a company which is not willing to move and grow with the times. Employers cannot expect employees to stay at a company forever, doing the same job they were hired to do twenty years ago. But jumping back to my original point, I'm sure there are people you know who are desperate to career jump, who have been stuck at the same job, on the same rate of pay, too scared to find an alternative job role elsewhere because of the state of the country. It shows the importance of communication in the workplace and how both employers and employees need to be given equal opportunity to speak their mind. If employers give employees the chance to negotiate new and exciting career progressions, along with better pay, then I guarantee your staff will jump ship less and it will offer a better working environment for everybody.

What are your thoughts? Leave a comment below. Until next time. --- Here at the RoamBlogger we're all about offering businesses the chance to grow online. Through innovative and responsive website design, we make the customer experience our top priority and can assist you in creating a brand against your business. Visit the contact us page and drop us a line for more details. We offer a free, no obligation 30 minute consultation to discuss your requirements.


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