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Feeling Low? Maybe It's Time To Try Something New.

It's really when I give myself time to do nothing, or at least activities which let me think, which really allows time for personal rediscovery. For instance, this rainy Saturday morning after I've popped the washing on and watered the indoor herb garden, I've switched on a bit of Yoga with Adrienne to really set me up for the day with some nice long stretches and core strengthening. With such a busy schedule throughout the week, I always allow myself Saturday morning to do what I need to do, what I want to do, and it's in this morning of basic productivity which provides me an exchange of creativity for my time of quiet reflection. I've had a few conversations this week which have reassured myself that whatever I do know in this world, I know myself the most and in that truth I can be confident and strong willed. All the other information we choose to absorb is in addition to this. Knowing astrophysics doesn't make you a better person, nor does possessing a lot of money, if we don't have a positive core then the rest falls apart, feels empty. So how can we work on our core? The key to happiness, in my opinion is awareness. We can't always be happy or healthy but we can notice changes and the more we notice smaller and smaller changes in ourselves, the more we can take steps to avoid the things which make us feel stressed or anxious. I know a lot of this and a lot of the things I talk about sounds a lot like hippie nonsense but for me at least, being aware of my own self and the things that surround me seems like an approach to life with the most options. We spend our lives often in our own bubbles, plodding along, doing the things we need to do, and before long we see ourselves become introverted, selfish, unaware of the things outside of our actions. We focus on this middle ground when really we should be looking within and also around to the furthest reaches of our world because if we are to provide options for ourselves, we must first discover them as possibilities. When we look within, we must be brave to action the changes we want to see. Heck, I relocated twice because I had a gut feeling about something good and it paid off but I wouldn't have done it if I hadn't witnessed it happen to those around me, or maybe I would have figured it out eventually. Either way, the option presented itself to me and it gave me the chance to deliberate another option which, in turn, made me happier. So much of our time is wasted on autonomation within our lives but how can we really be in control if we are not at the wheel of our own mind? Exercise your freewill and look at new experiences, even small things like taking a new online class, or buying that houseplant to take care of. Simply do something which will expand your horizons without fear of judgement or prejudice. And let me know how you got on! I love hearing people's stories as it helps to expand on my horizon so if you have a story, get in touch! It's Kirsty at Until next time.


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