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If You Could Sum Up Your Year In One Word What Would It Be?

I am a strong believer that good things happen to good people. In the same way I believe in karma. But I often have found myself wondering whether I simply notice the extreme good or bad things that happen to me because an overriding sense of pride or shame in the initial event which has enlightened my senses.

If I could sum up this year in one word it would be awareness. With my career in digital strategies, my relationships, and my health, it has been paramount to ensure I am observing the world around me and this has led to a few inspiring moments and a few spotlight issues within myself and the things around me. For me, for instance, when I start to feel the creeping feelings of anxiety, I look to my surroundings; are my environments tidy, have I kept on top of my chores, I check in with my partner, my family. Usually understanding why I'm feeling the way I'm feeling is the first hurdle. Knowing your issues allows you to target them and control them better, for less outbursts.

Knowing where you aren't happy with yourself works in a similar way to researching and developing websites, in the sense that we look at the parts we don't like and we change them to suit us. Sometimes we may find the solutions tricky but in the end the reward is priceless and allows us to showcase our best selves, our best businesses.

So how does awareness tie in with being good?

When we're aware of our surroundings we can assess the feelings of others better. It may be the optimist in me, but I believe that when we are able to truly listen, we are able to understand better and we are likely to treat people better and once it becomes second nature to be more situationally aware, it becomes automatic, unintentional to be good.

When we read religious texts, it's easy to see that being a good person is generally central to the religion. It is often taught as practice, which is especially relevant in the Christian and Islamic religions. However, this behaviour is assumed to be an active part of your lifestyle, as opposed to a passive, automatic behaviour. It is almost as if these religions are taught to be good 'or else' as opposed to assuming the best in people, which is present in religions such as Buddhism.

Now I'm not religious but I think in order to be aware of our societies influences we need to understand the various cultures around us in order to make up our own minds but I think it is widely agreed upon that good people win. Hence my initial point that good things happen to good people. Because in the end, we are all good people and good things do happen to us but often we aren't aware of these positive things because we often don't feel pride in what we choose to do.

My point with this blog post today is that we should look at life with a little bit more positivity, assuming the best in people, as well as checking in with yourself, making sure you are being the best that you can be, no matter the circumstance, because when we emit positive energy, we are likely to receive it and when we receive positive energy we radiate emotional wellbeing and feel more motivated and proud. When we feel this positive energy around us we experience life as so much more than just the daily grind and begin to see the silver lining which we were taught about.

Food for thought. Let me know what you think about awareness, being good, and how thinking positively has changed your life in the comments or drop me an email:

Until next time.


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