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Reimagining Digital Disconnect | Five Minute Thoughts

Often in this world we feel a lot of disconnect. We feel silly for saying we feel lonely when we have friends and family on the end of our finger tips and yet regardless of this digital connection, we still linger in the void, clinging to our phone, waiting for someone to contact us.

In order to truly experience the world, we need to step away, put our phones in bags, or locked away when we sleep or spend quality time with loved ones. We should read more so we have more to talk about, more to think about. We should listen to the radio more, dance with our loved ones instead of staring blankly as the colourful tiles of Candy Crush merge and smash in front of our vacant minds.

Yes, phones are a great thing, being digitally connected is wonderful, but sometimes I wonder if figuring out the perfect balance of a physical and digital experience would help us to feel more satisfied, more in tune with the world around us, allow us more empathy and personal growth.

I think that's why this year I'm focusing more on automated tasks and how I can streamline my everyday processes so I can enjoy my life more. Yes, some would say this leans more towards being reliant on technology, but aren't we already?

Surely by using technology for what it's good for it can assist us in living the best lives we can, the most successful lives, and the most fulfilling lives we can?

Until next time.


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