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Automating to Create Freedom | Business Management

In your day to day life do you find yourself mentally exhausted by the end of each day? Whether it's your workload, or the life admin, your days feel packed to the brim.

Now I'm not saying your schedule looks back to back, that you have meetings from 7am to 7pm every day, I am talking about the things we fill our days with being mentally straining, even if we don't realise it.

Let me give you a for instance. My Saturdays this year have become my chore day, my looking after myself day and resetting for the week ahead and more often than not, I complete at least one wash load. Simple right? Put dirty washing in the machine, leave it to do its thing, and then hang it out to dry once it's clean. Now add a few more steps...literally. My washing machine is in the basement which is two floors down from my flat and recently it broke, not enough to stop using it, but enough that one spin wasn't enough to drain the water so after carrying all my dirty clothes downstairs into the basement, leave it to do its thing, I'd plod down two flights of stairs again to pop it on a spin, before coming down a third time to pick up the washing.

This year I finally persuaded my landlord to let me put a washing machine in my flat and I'm hoping it will save so much time and energy.

It's simplifying tasks or automating tasks which can help reduce our mental workload.

If you have a business which wears you down and leaves you exhausted by the end of each day I'd highly advise taking a step back and assessing which jobs you can automate. With the rise of ai this year, you'd be surprised at how much can be automated.

If this then that, a website aimed at connecting platforms and automating processes, helps your different apps and programs talk to each other. Want to set your phone to automatically go on silent when you enter work, then you can. There's tons of automation you can add to your day which save precious moments and allow you the mental capacity for growth and development.

You shouldn't just have to "get by". Life is about more than just taking each day as it comes and expecting growth to happen per chance. By actively tweaking our lives to work for us we can encourage more enjoyment, and allow ourselves more freedom.

If you'd like to discuss with me how you can automate your life more and free yourself up to do more of the things uou enjoy, drop me a line on or send me a WhatsApp on 07857 358767.

Until next time.


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