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Start The New Year Right | Setting Realistic Goals For 2023

Tomorrow is New Years Eve, the knife's edge between this year and next, this year's stories versus next year's potential. It's both a time for reflection and a time to look forward as we straddle the space between, searching for purpose.

This is the time of year we allow ourselves to imagine the best versions of ourselves. We're more successful, wealthier, slimmer, healthier, we are more generous, better friends, better lovers, better husbands and wives, we picture ourselves stronger and wiser at the end of next year having achieved our goals.

Yet each year, these promises to ourselves dissipate. We fall into the same routines, with our initial excitement waning, our new promises of "I'll do it next week" turns into "I'll do it next month", turns into a forgotten promise, only to be remembered in 12 months time when the cycle begins again.

Of course, some things stick. There are things which have given us motivation to carry on, to develop, these realistic goals which fit seamlessly into our existing schedules as if they had been there all along.

Our goals can sometimes be incredibly grand and wild, and they often expect us to completely change who we are. In the same way Rome wasn't built in a day, our goals to succeed should be obtainable. We can change our physical appearance, but it doesn't mean visiting the gym every morning before work if you've never been to the gym before. It means striving for once or twice a week for six months to really incorporate the time into your schedule.

If we want to make it work, then we will.

In the previous blog post, I discussed 3 different ways to prep yourself for 2023 and how each goal would help you succeed. I'd like you this time to create a vision board to really help you visualise your goals. Print out images and pin them to a board or your fridge, somewhere you can see them each day which will help reinforce those goals throughout January and beyond.

As usual, I am available through Instagram or LinkedIn, drop me a DM if you would like help putting your vision board together or if you'd like to chat.

Until next time.


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