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Experiencing Calmness In A Busy World | Meditation & Wellbeing

Do you ever experience small moments of pure calm and stillness, feeling truly at peace?

It's an early autumn morning and I can hear the rain outside. As I sit in bed and listen, there's a strong feeling of nothingness, no stress, no anxiety, just a quiet brain looking forward to the day ahead.

I sip my herbal tea, embracing the warmth of the mug as the chill in the air makes me shiver as it caresses my shoulders.

Moments like these should be appreciated. There won't always be this calm and stillness, life is too hectic, but while the moment lingers, I want to hold onto it, if only for a few seconds longer.

When we experience these micro moments of what I think is absolute happiness, it's easy to understand phrases like slowing down to smell the roses. Life can often become overwhelming and it's important to take a step back and just live for the moment.

When do you take time for yourself?

Often we make excuses for ourselves, almost as if we are procrastinating, putting our emotional wellbeing last.

All it takes is five minutes. Meditate, read an inspiring book, sip a cup of tea and listen to the rain, or the radio.

Trust me, you'll thank yourself for allowing the time to breathe.

Until next time.


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