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Micro Moments Of Happiness | Creating Work/Life Balance

Sometimes we get so swept up in the bigger picture that we forget about the little things.

As I lie on the duvet, tracing the outlines of my partner's tattoos as he watches his car video which, despite my lack of interest in cars, is actually quite entertaining, some would say that I'm a convert, I can feel the soft cool air from the open window. Tonight has been relaxing and beautifully intimate, an opportunity to discuss events, feelings without the input of others and although I am generally an extrovert, the introverted layer is genuinely excited for some us time.

What this tells me is that although for the most part I'm looking for the next big thing, the next project, the next event, I should take the time to enjoy the journey along the way, smell the proverbial roses.

Often when we forget to do this, getting wrapped up in the future and it's potential, we create this feeling of anger or frustration because it's not gratification of the instantaneous variation. We ignore the feeling, even try to push it away with things which make us temporarily happy, like retail therapy, instead of facing the issue head on.

Just because we may not be where we want to be right now that doesn't mean it won't happen at some point in the future. We need to learn not to beat ourselves up when we don't achieve things instantly after deciding to undertake a task and we definitely need to take the time to enjoy micro moments like time spent quietly enjoying your partner's company.

At the heart of this blog the motto is creating a work life balance and ensuring we are being the best humans we can be and living our best lives full of happiness and adventure so my question is to you, dear reader, what small moments do you cherish?


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