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Why Is Jazz Music Therapeutic? | 5 Minute Thoughts

Jazz music has always fascinated me but seemingly more so in the past few years. How can a genre of music with no obvious structure offer such a sense of calm?

As I dive deeper into this self analysis I wonder if maybe the reason this coffee shop background jazz makes me feel at ease because it replicates the often unstructured parts of life which creep up on us. Maybe understanding how even in unstructured situations it is possible to feel at ease.

I recently had a conversation about how when I was younger I was diagnosed with anxiety. More often than not, especially when I speak to other millennials, I'm met with a familiar response, a certain understanding. When I speak to other generations, the replies are often varied, some positive, some negative, but I always find them interested. Personally, I've seen myself as a relatively easy person to get along with, and someone who often comes across as confident in social situations when I feel comfortable. It's why conversations with those who know me  often find it interesting to know that I'm generally an anxious person.

I try to not let this determine who I am and often push myself to the limits of my capabilities, to really step outside of my comfort zone and grow. Often these situations are unstructured and unplanned but more often than not, they end up being incredibly interesting events and rarely have ever gone drastically wrong.

So maybe jazz is right. Maybe not having a structure can sometimes be okay.

Until next time.


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