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How To Inspire Your Own Motivation | Successful Mindsets

Have you noticed it? For the past few weeks, there has been a community wide melancholic atmosphere. People seem wound up and more irritable than usual. They seem on edge and lacking in motivation. It feels like a storm is brewing but no one knows when it's going to hit.

It seems strange. Usually this is a feeling which arrives mid winter, when everyone is feeling cooped up, bored and fed up with the weather but here, along the sunshine coast, it is living up to its reputation.

One would assume that the pending recession and cost of living is bringing some people down. We have had to sacrifice so much in the past few years including time with loved ones, that now, when we've reached the next stage of living, we feel exhausted. We want to rejuvenate and rebuild, encourage excitement and adventure once again.

Yet we face other obstacles in our way.

In wide spread news, the threat of a nuclear war looming is enough to make doomsday preppers of us all. Closer to home, we find ourselves monetarily restricted by the rise in cost of living, unable to go out and enjoy life like we once did, what feels like a decade ago.

All around us news feels heavy, like a weight on our shoulders, bringing us down, lowering our motivational levels.

We start to ask questions like "why should I bother?" to tasks which once we took pride in, which shaped our personality and gave us life.

So how do we get out of this psychological lull?


I think of a lack of motivation a lot like when I face writers block. So what do I do when I face writers block? I take a bit of time out, read, take a walk, and just allow myself to breathe.

Sounds silly and counterproductive when you are trying to be successful and achieve goals to take time out but the best thoughts I've had are when I'm at my most relaxed.

Once I've taken the time to breathe, I put pen to paper and even if I have nothing to say, I just write.

And write.

And write.

And write...

Until the words start making sense, until a worthwhile coherent thought starts to form, which develops and grows into something meaningful. Suddenly its like I've provided my own motivation.

This, like growing any business, is the trick to success. Perseverance is what helps us to build a brand we can be proud of, even if we are lacking in vision to begin with. Perseverance and the willingness to explore new avenues until something begins to stick and make sense is exactly what we need. It's what creates the building blocks to a successful endeavour.

It's important to remember that no feelings are permanent, low motivation is only temporary if we persevere, push through and try.

For whatever reason you're reading this article, whether you're feeling low and needed to read something relatable, or simply intrigue, I hope that it provides something for you. I hope that my writing is beneficial to you and your success. I hope that it inspires discussion, not only with me, but with those around you.

Until next time.


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