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Determining Whether Your Determination = Your Success

People think that in order to be successful your whole being needs to be solely focused on that one subject. That all surrounding aspects of our lives are simply distractions from our end goal.

I know I've felt this guilt when I spend time on other things which I feel passionate about but it's when we solely focus on one aspect of our lives when we begin to feel burnt out, exhausted, lackluster and bored with life.

Don't get me wrong, focus is incredible and we should still maintain routine to encourage our success but we have to realise and actively pursue a variety of subjects and hobbies to really develop a personality, something which makes us stand out against the competition, gives us confidence and a bit of backbone.

This is almost always prevalent while interviewing for a job. There are many of us who when asked the question: "tell me a bit about yourself" will stick to answers revolving around the job and the roles surrounding this but always subject matter which relates to the job. However, if everyone took the same approach, there will be nothing that would make anyone particularly stand out.

When we have hobbies outside of our immediate goals, we have subject matter to talk about with people, we have passions we can express, and we can really learn to love our personality.

There's that old saying about loving yourself before anyone else can and in this case it really does apply. If we can develop, grow and shape ourselves into these beings which really represent who we are and what we stand for then we are going to really appreciate and love who we are and what we are evolving into, even if we're not completely happy with who we are now.

So how do we assess whether our focus and drive for success is working for us?

Take a step back. Look at your life. Are you feeling burnt out? Exhausted? Are you losing love for your craft? If you answered yes to any of the above then something needs to change.

Can you take time out right now from your craft and give your brain time to rest?

Often when we try to make decisions while feeling burnt out they almost always fail at the first hurdle, for instance, when we set ourselves new years resolutions, how many people stick to them past the first week of January?

When we feel rested and more awake, we allow ourselves the opportunity to form implementable ideas which give us a better chance at sustainability and when we have sustainable balance we feel happier and happier people are successful.

Once our brain is given the opportunity to breathe, we can open ourselves up to new and exciting adventures, which allows us to further explore who we are as people which then leads to more possibilities and additional adventures.

We have a life to live and it is ours to do with what we like but if you feel the pangs of determination deep within your soul to achieve your goals then what is stopping you?


What are your thoughts on this? Drop me a message on socials or leave a comment below and let me know how you choose to be successful.

Until next time.


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