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Risk Versus Reward: Is It Really Worth It?

Sometimes I think we turn a blind eye to experiences because they're too risky. We don't give the heart what it wants as we limit ourselves. The risk is too high, too much of a cost, to really truly allow us the freedom to do what we want.

But what if the risk was worth the reward? What if you tried something today which you would never have allowed yourself to do, purely because of mental blocks in the road?

Let's use a for instance to really show you what I mean.

I'm quite an anxious person which usually means I've thought about all the possible circumstances of my actions before I've gone through with the action. It's overthinking and most of the time the bad circumstances I've created in my mind never come to fruition, meaning that the concern I've created for myself was never required in the first place. I wonder if this is to do with the integrated "fight or flight" we have going on in our brains as we try to determine where we might get hurt, to try to keep our bodies safe from harm.

Something as silly as going swimming can send your brain into overdrive with thoughts like "will people laugh at me in my swimwear".

But when we limit ourselves, and not do things purely because of the possible negative outcomes, we narrow our world to a very slim, straightforward path. Our sense of adventure is stripped away from us and we struggle to enjoy the everyday.

If I hadn't ignored my anxiety there would be several experiences I would have missed out on, including spontaneous holidays and getting together with my wonderful boyfriend and best friend Darren.

Sometimes the risk is worth the reward.

What risks have you taken lately?

Until next time.


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