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Groundhog Day Getting You Down? | Get Your Mojo Back

Do you feel like you're repeating the same day, the same weeks over and over again? Are you feeling a distinct lack in ambition and motivation?

Through my recent conversations with friends and colleagues across the globe, it seems to be a common theme amongst us to feel this sense of repetitiveness and it seems to be bringing a lot of us down.

Whether it's the heat tiring us, or the fact that some people are needing a summer getaway, there seem to be reoccurring themes causing burnout and exhaustion.

There seems to be a lack in excitement.

All it takes, though, is one spark to ignite a flame.

Yesterday my blog was fortunate enough to receive a shoutout from local business Chalk Eastbourne on social media. It was a story post on Instagram as well as a post on their website about my writing. Although to many it doesn't seem like a lot, that small posting ignited a flame once more. I woke up this morning, half past four, full of life and excitement (much to my partner's disgust).

It goes to show that in this world sometimes all we need to feel is the presence of others, a sense of community, that feeling of being seen by peers.

With that being said, I want to add a shoutout to my wonderful friend and fantastic marketing & SEO superstar Jen Welford at Jen Welford Online who has currently made a massive leap of faith in her life and is someone I look up to and confide in. I hope this shoutout makes you smile.

In this life we have an opportunity to help others so why not do something selfless today? You could thank a friend for being there, congratulate a small business for an achievement they've made. Trust me, it'll make their day, and might even pull them out of groundhog day.

Until next time.


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