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Feeling Burnt Out? | Maybe It's Time For A Break.

It's Monday morning and I feel a sense of determination and motivation. It's an unfamiliar sensation for this day of the week (usually I start to feel motivated around Tuesday lunchtime), but it's not an unwelcome one and I think I know why.

The past week has been spent abroad in sunny Portugal, a welcome break from the normal, a chance to completely switch off from work and chores, letting myself be a blank canvas, awaiting the colour of adventure to tar my skin.

And tar my skin it did.

Although we stayed at a pretty secluded Airbnb near Evaristo, my partner and I still managed to get the balance just right between relaxing by the pool, taking small hikes across the coastline to experiencing the nightlife and partying that Albuferia had to offer, just a short taxi ride away.

Often I get too absorbed into my everyday life that I forget to enjoy the little things. Being on holiday reminded me to take a step back, slow down.

Rushed adventures are rarely enjoyed so why should life be any different?

With this in mind, I want to try and hold onto some of that feeling, that calm and collected person.

In aid of this stress reduced lifestyle, I have begun meal prepping instead of just buying quick meals on the way to work, have filled my car with fuel in preparation for the next few weeks, and have caught up with nearly all of my holiday washing, ready to be worn this summer.

Of course, they'll have been things forgotten, things which will reintroduce stress into my lifestyle, but with a calm and collected mind, I feel more able to address the situations at hand, rather than become overwhelmed and anxious.

Are you feeling wound up tight? Do you feel a knot in your throat each time you think about that thing you don't want to do but have to? Are you burnt out and miserable?

If you said yes to any of these, then you, dear reader, need to take a step back and reassess priorities in life with a clear head. Whether you need a break, a holiday, meditation. Whatever clears your mind, you need that time to unwind to be able to take a look at what is making you miserable without it causing unnecessary and unwanted stress.

I know these things are easy for me to say, "I've been on holiday and now I feel like a new woman!" But for someone who often feels worried and anxious, someone who constantly overthinks and assesses, surely there's some method to my madness if I feel an absence of these emotions, a severely reduced level of stress?

How do you clear your mind? Do you have something in your routine which helps you to maintain that "holiday high" feeling? I'm interested to know how others fit this into their routine to keep themselves happy in their lives.

Let me know in the comments below, or drop me a line at my email

Until next time.


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