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Lost in the Playlist: How Sleep Token Rekindled My Inner Headbanger

Lately, I've been stuck on autopilot. Same routine, same goals – the whole "adulting" checklist. It feels like I've become a stranger to myself, my passions buried under a pile of "shoulds."

Then came Sleep Token.

Back in the golden age of music discovery (pre-Spotify algorithms!), I'd scour blogs and for hidden gems. Now, with music at my fingertips, I barely explore.

Responsibility, they say, dulls the thrill of the hunt. But Sleep Token? They're a gamechanger.

Fourteen-year-old me, a metalhead warrior in smoky dives, wouldn't recognise this Spotify-shuffling adult. My inner rocker got evicted somewhere between college and that first flat.

But with Sleep Token, I feel it stirring – the unfiltered me. The one with fire in her soul and things to say. Their raw vocals unleash a primal energy I forgot existed. The lyrics are pure, unadulterated passion. It's a symphony of "get up and go!"

This experience is a giant neon sign reminding me: do the things you love. Sure, socialise, binge-watch, have friends over. But carve out solo time too. Pursue a hobby that's just you, the finish line depending solely on your own drive. No excuses, no flaky friends to derail your progress.

Music, anyone? It's cheap, accessible, the ultimate "me time" activity. Perfect for hobby newbies or anyone stuck in a rut, itching to break free. Explore from the comfort of your couch – rediscover the joy of the musical hunt!

Speaking of exploration, how about we build a community of music adventurers? Share what you've been jamming to (new releases or rediscoveries, all welcome!). Let's reignite our creative sparks together.

Hit the comments or send me a message – let's get this musical exploration party started!

Until next time.

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I understand that Sleep Token is not to everyone's taste haha.

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