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The Power of Storytelling in Brand Marketing | Successful Mindsets

When we tell stories, especially in a commercial setting, people aren't listening the way we think they are.

Our customers and clients love to hear stories which personalise our brand. They love to know we're using sustainably sourced products, supporting local communities, and trying new and innovational projects. The people listening to our yarns love to hear our back stories, how we've gone from zero to hero and succeeded in life. It provides our readers and our listeners hope that the same will happen to them. Our customers usually do not possess an unconditional love for our brand, it is an exchange of goods, both physically and emotionally.

When we write copy for our businesses, we should write with the listener in mind. How are they going to benefit from our products or services which we are offering?

When we entangle our stories with relatable metaphors and over arching narratives, we can offer our clients more valuable content than just a product or service, we can offer inspiration and motivation to push on and succeed.

With that in mind I want you to think about your business and the story you tell customers about who you are and where you came from. Maybe you started off in a different industry and decided to take a leap of faith and now you have a handful of loyal clients who wouldn't trade you for the world. Maybe your business is giving back to the community, helping to grow smaller enterprises. Maybe you have an employee you've helped develop via training and now they've in turn helped grow the business.

Any which way you look there's a story to tell, but it's all about telling it the right way, to be relatable and approachable but with a professional and successful mindfulness.

What stories do you have to tell?

Let me know. Contact me.

Until next time.


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