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Business Branding: Finding Your Tone Of Voice

What means a lot to you?

What means a lot to your business? You might find that these things may be aligned, or you might find your priorities are different, but either way when we create good business branding, we need to be able to create a blend of the two and create a confident tone of voice for the business.

Think about it. When we create a brand, we are advertising to not only other businesses but also the people behind the scenes who make the business work. So if we created a brand which was all about business and nothing about the customer then we wouldn't appeal to our target audience. However, if we add a touch of personality and human influence to the mix to really show consumers who you are and what you do in a fun or inspiring way, then THAT is how you create a memorable brand.

Think of a brand which you remember, how do they present themselves? Maybe they have a striking logo, or a memorable colour scheme. Maybe they make you laugh online, or maybe they simply just are the best in their field.

Whenever I talk about branding, especially social media marketing, I always bring up innocent smoothies because, let's be honest, they have their voice spot on across all their channels and they're memorable. Through their comical and conversational marketing style, community values, excellent customer service across socials (and probably everywhere else) they have a brand which feels more like a trusted friend, as opposed to a business trying to sell smoothies.

It goes to show that business branding is about more than just colours on a website, or logo design, or the products you sell, it's about everything which surrounds it.

When you think about your branding, the likelihood is you already have the tools in your arsenal to create a memorable and lasting brand and it's simply about bringing all of those aspects together and projecting that value to your clients.

Remember, if you get stuck, give us a shout at the or drop me, Kirsty a line at 07857358767 and we can walk you through the branding process, talk about what values you already have and combine them into a branding worksheet which can then be used in marketing campaigns, across social media platforms to most importantly, attract the kinds of customers you want.

Until next time.


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