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Saturday's Affirmations | Success In Simplicity

It's Saturday. It's early and I'm starting my day with some guided meditation and some 'I am' affirmations while I steam my face with essential oils, trying to rid myself of the last of this pesky flu. It's at this point, at least ten minutes into the session where I realise I'm calm, relaxed, almost in a meditation trance (but it could equally be that I'm still half asleep). It's in this time it feels like my brain has sighed with relief, released from the stresses of the week and its like my thoughts are suddenly my own again, not dictated by situational events, I am allowing myself time for me. I realise that at its core, this is the definition of self care, this is what it means to look after yourself completely, allow yourself a moment of complete and utter nothingness, listening to the guiding voice who isn't really saying anything you don't already know, and giving yourself over. Written down I realise I sound insane. There are no words I could say which could incite the feeling of complete clarity and only having this experience would make you understand, if you don't already. Often in our lives we over work ourselves, we stress ourselves out unnecessarily. There is a colleague of mine with children who constantly worries about everything, a classic example of anxiety and overthinking, even if they think they have good reason to. They worry about their weight, their consumption, their finances, their schedules but as much as they worry, they don't action any change. Its almost as if they are addicted to the stress and its frightening to think of any other alternative. I have a close friend of mine who is struggling at the moment with nightmares, someone who I see as very independent and strong. They are going through a few changes in their life and I think these changes are causing the upset. However, the difference between my colleague and my friend is that my friend is actually trying to actively change her behaviour so they can become a better person and I can see the gradual change becoming more and more prominent each and every time we meet. Sure there may be days we have drawbacks, there may be days where no amount of telling ourselves that "I am powerful, I am beautiful" is going to change the way we feel but as long as we are travelling along the path, it doesn't matter how long it takes us to arrive at our destination. Life is about the journey and our adventures along the way. Although it might seem silly at first, sitting in a room by yourself, telling yourself positive things, or in silence with nothing but your thoughts and the tinkles of those tibetan bells, persist. Meditation, no matter the format is meant to allow your mind the freedom to rediscover your body and soul so it'll only work if you try. You never know, you might enjoy the experience. Until next time. *** I'm interested in your meditation and personal success stories so please do keep sending them to my email:


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